Chief Minister Balochistan’s
Special ICT Initiative
We Cannot Stop
Natural Disasters
But we can arm ourselves with knowledge
PDMA - Community Emergency
Response training (cert)
A. General Information
Course Name:
3 Days Training and 1 Day Final Excercise
24 To 28 Participants
B. Course Contents
1  First Aid and BLS (Building collapse, Earthquake and Flood emergencies)
Initial assessment
Management of foreign body airways obstruction (Choking)
Management of fractures
Management of soft tissue injuries
Emergency and non emergency moves (transportation)
Animal and non emergency moves (transportation)
Burns & environmental emergencies
2  Common hazard and community response group
Hazard types and classification
Community responders, limitations, roles and responsibility
Scope of care of a community responder
Personal protective equipment
3  Securing family and preparing for response
Importance of family preparedness
Family disaster plan
Preparation of disaster kit / Basic survival kit
Phases of operations
4  Incident Command System and Triage
Incident command system
Community quick response sorting techniques
5  Dead Body Management
Handling of dead bodies
Identification of dead bodies
Storage of dead bodies
6  Fire Emergencies
Fire chemistry and classes of fire
Methods of Extinguishment
Use of portable fire extinguisher
Use of bucket brigade
7  Basic Search and Rescue (Building collapse, Earthquake and Flood emergencies)
Community light search and rescue
Common techniques in searching a structure
Lifting and stabilizing load
8  Water Emergencies (Flash flood emergencies)
Common water emergencies
Using knots for joining and securing
Water rescue in shallow water
9  Final Practical Excercise
Operational sequence of community responder in case of disaster
Action to search and locate possible trapped victims
Safe evacuation and transportation of victims on event day of disaster
10  Certification
Candidates after successful completion of the training will be awarded a certificate.